Sue Thomas F. B. Eye

Sue Thomas F. B. Eye

3 Seasons

This light-hearted police drama follows a sheltered deaf woman who is about to start her first real job with the FBI. This series is loosely based on the real-life deaf FBI agent Sue Thomas.

Sue Thomas F. B. Eye
  • Sue Thomas F. B. Eye | Billy the Kid

    Episode 1

    Jack makes a disturbing discovery involving illicit drug labs after his mentor,a federal judge, is shot. Sue tries keeping Lucy calm when she becomes suspicious

  • Sue Thomas F. B. Eye | the Fugitive

    Episode 2

    A violent criminal escapes from a prison van and heads straight for Washington DC and Sue has misgivings about attending a wedding.

  • Sue Thomas F. B. Eye | the Hunter

    Episode 3

    Sue and Myles' investigation into the murder of a cab driver takes an unexpected twist, and Jack is sued for accidentally killing a woman's rooster.

  • Sue Thomas F. B. Eye | He said She said

    Episode 4

    Sue's lipreading skill lands her on an FBI/DEA task force but she finds her credibility and her job are on the line.

  • Sue Thomas F. B. Eye | Pilot part 1

    Episode 5

    Sue Thomas, a deaf woman, moves to Washington D.C. to begin her new job as an FBI agent and discovers that her new job is not all it's cracked up to be.

  • Sue Thomas F. B. Eye | Pilot part 2

    Episode 6

    Sue is made a temporary member of the team despite Myles Leland's disapproval while Lucy is shocked to learn of Myles' unfaithfulness.

  • Sue Thomas F. B. Eye | A Snitch in Time

    Episode 7

    Sue cultivates her first FBI informant after Jack and Bobby bust a guy for selling steroids

  • Sue Thomas F. B. Eye | Assassins

    Episode 8

    Sue and her unit are assigned to protect a visiting dignitary targeted for assassination by terrorists. Meanwhile, Lucy considers transferring departments.

  • Sue Thomas F. B. Eye | Bombs Away

    Episode 9

    Now that Sue is an official member of the team, Jack is training her and he's got the perfect case to start with: a bomb threat against an old FBI agent

  • Sue Thomas F. B. Eye | the Signing

    Episode 10

    Sue gets called in after a car theft suspect turns out to be deaf and communicates solely through sign language, and a new supervisor transfers into the unit.

  • Sue Thomas F. B. Eye | Blast from the Past

    Episode 11

    A criminal Dimitrius put behind bars for 10 years get released with revenge in mind prompting the team to afford protection from the stalker.

  • Sue Thomas F. B. Eye | Greed

    Episode 12

    Sue persuades a frightened employee to work with the FBI but they both find their careers and their lives in danger.

  • Sue Thomas F. B. Eye | the Heist

    Episode 13

    Jack and Sue investigate the disappearance of an armored truck carrying $2.4 million and its two guards. Sue and Lucy go to a deaf club.

  • Sue Thomas F. B. Eye | Missing

    Episode 14

    After the FBI teams favorite waitress goes missing Tara and Bobby discover she might have been with a gang. Sue and Jack arrest a surprisingly compliant suspect