Prayer on Purpose

Prayer on Purpose

16 Seasons

A program for Intercessory prayer and ministry for you, and for today's current events!

Prayer on Purpose
  • Detroit native, Bishop Jeronn C. Williams | Prayer on Purpose

    Episode 1

    Chad Robichaux is a 3rd generation combat Marine veteran with eight deployments to Afghanistan. He is also a former federal agent and law enforcement officer who was awarded the Medal of Valor for bravery. As a MMA Champion, Chad is a 3rd degree Brazilian Jui-Jitsu Black Belt under Carlson Gracie...

  • Founder of CALLED Magazine, Marsha DuCille | Prayer on Purpose

    Episode 2

    Marsha DuCille is the founder and editorial director of CALLED Magazine, the largest North America-based publication for Christian women. Her "hobby turned global venture" reaches millions of women through a variety of multi-media platforms. She is also the creative director of CALLED Design, a p...

  • "New York Times Bestselling Author" | Prayer on Purpose

    Episode 3

    Joel Richardson is an author of many books including the New York Times book, Islamic Antichrist: The Shocking Truth About the Real Nature of the Beast. Joel is also a teacher and the host of the online Christian program, The Underground. As a c-producer for Frontier Alliance International Studio...

  • Father & Daughter Authors | Prayer on Purpose

    Episode 4

    Dr. Bruce Ewing and his daughter, Vernae Ewing Thompson are authors of the Treasure Tree book series. Dr. Bruce Ewing has been a pastor for 48 years, with 28 of those spent as a military chaplain. Dr. Bruce is a Marriage and Family Relationship Consultant, teacher of Biblical principles and telle...

  • Recording Artist, Dr. Lonnie Brown | Prayer on Purpose

    Episode 5

    Dr. Lonni Brown is the Pastor of Kingdom of Heaven Ministries and host of TCT's Thy Kingdom Come. Dr. Lonnie is a recording artist, seminar trainer, and international conference keynote speaker. He has been all over the globe sharing the Gospel. His 30 years of experience in ministry has produced...

  • Balanced Life Planner, Author Karen Rae | Prayer on Purpose

    Episode 6

    My name is Karen Rae, I'm the founder of Balanced Life and creator of The Signature Balanced Life Planner®. I never set out to start a business or create a product but found my way here through a passion for helping others and what I like to refer to as divine inspiration. Now I’ve found my purpo...

  • Author of The Politically Homeless Christian | Prayer on Purpose

    Episode 7

    Aaron Schafer is a Christian, Husband, Father, Writer, Speaker, Mentor, and Coach. They say that there are two things you should never discuss with friends, politics and religion. Aaron plans on talking extensively about both! We hope you enjoy.

  • International Radio Host, Ron Hutchcraft | Prayer on Purpose

    Episode 8

    Ron Hutchcraft is an internationally-known radio host, whose popular program, A Word With You, broadcasts in five different languages around the world. Ron is also a passionare evangelist, speaker, and author. As President of Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Ron's focus is to "Bring the lost to the Cro...

  • COVID-19 Medical Expert, Dr. Richard Bartlett | Prayer on Purpose

    Episode 9

    Dr. Richard Bartlett is a Covid-19 medical expert. He discovered the Covid Budesonide Protocol. According to the Budensonide Works website, Budesonide is an inhaled corticosteroid currently being studies for its efficacy with COVID-19. As a Covid medical expert, he's been featured on multiple maj...

  • Pro-Life Advocate, Victoria Robinson | Prayer on Purpose

    Episode 10

    Victoria Robinson is a gifted speaker, host and author. As the Director of External Relations for Save The Storks pro-life organization, Victoria is a passionate pro-life advocate. She has worked with pregnancy resources centers for over twenty years.

  • Professor of Evangelism, Greg Mathis | Prayer on Purpose

    Episode 11

    He is the Senior Pastor of Mud Creek Baptist Church, Hendersonville, N.C. since 1980. The church has now over 3000 members. Paul Wilkes, a professor at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, in arecent book entitled “Excellent Protestant Congregations”, identified Mud Creek Baptist Churc...

  • "When Calls the Heart," Co-Creater, Brian Bird | Prayer on Purpose

    Episode 12

    Brian Bird is executive producer and co-creator of the Hallmark Channel original series, When Calls the Heart. In this three decades in Hollywood, he had written or porduced two dozen films including The Case for Christ, Not Easily Broken, and Captive. TV shows Brian has helped ccreate include hu...

  • First Undercover Boss, Larry O’Donnell | Prayer on Purpose

    Episode 13

    From the Executive Suite to the back of a garbage truck, Larry seen a lot in his career. He has worked at building companies from the ground up and turning around companies on the brink of disaster. He has been the first employee in a start-up (now public company) and led companies with over 50,0...

  • "Love Conquers All" Author, Denise Bachrodt | Prayer on Purpose

    Episode 14

    Denise Bachrodt was very active in the business world, but a life-changing event brought her closer to God. With her book, “Love Conquers All: Spiritual Messages of Hope for Our Despairing World,” she aims to help others who are traversing through various situations. Bachrodt is the host of a pod...

  • "Nothing Bad Between Us," Author, Marlena Fiol | Prayer on Purpose

    Episode 15

    As a consultant and professor of strategic management, Marlena Fiol, PhD, guided her students and clients in coming to know themselves deeply, visualizing their dreams and moving toward achieving them. Over half of her 85 published articles and books relate to identity and identity change. Her wo...

  • Athletics and education leader consultant, Ross Hjelseth | Prayer on Purpose

    Episode 16

    Ross Hjelseth is an expert leader, gifted speaker and dedicated Christian man who has spent a lifetime in leadership roles and serving people. Hjelseth was the founding headmaster of Life Christian Academy, where he led the school’s LIFE program. Hjelseth’s book, “Winning Words: Speaking Life to ...

  • Special Agent Supervisor & Author, Ed Hudson | Prayer on Purpose

    Episode 17

    As the Crow Flies is the true story of Freddie Crow, an international drug smuggler. It takes you from his birth to his death describing his journey through life. From the rambunctious little boy to the teenager who learned to fly airplanes and crop dusters. A young man with a taste for excitemen...

  • "The Privileged Planet" Author, Jay Richards | Prayer on Purpose

    Episode 18

    JAY W. RICHARDS is a research assistant professor in the Busch School of Business at the Catholic University of America, senior fellow at the Discovery Institute, co-author of The Privileged Planet: How Our Place in the Cosmos Is Designed for Discovery, and author of Money, Greed, and God.

  • 40-Day Fast Author, Wendy Speake | Prayer on Purpose

    Episode 19

    Whether on the stage or on the page, Wendy ministers to women's hearts through storytelling and Biblical life application.

    With a background in Hollywood as a trained actress, she utilizes the power of drama, poetry, comedy, and spoken word in the study of God’s Word.
    Wife, mom, host of the annu...

  • FGA, Vice-President, Bishop Danny Yohannan | Prayer on Purpose

    Episode 20

    Bishop Danny Yojannan was raised in the ministry of Gospel for Asia with his father, Dr. K. P. Yohannan, the organization's founder and director. At a very young age, Danny sensed the Lord calling him to reach those who have never heard the Gospel.

  • “Walking in Love: Why and How?”, author Suzanne Miller | Prayer on Purpose

    Episode 21

    Suzanne Miller is a former licensed lay vicar in the Episcopal Church, retired naval officer and was the president of her own consulting company, where she led major new technical initiatives for the intelligence community. With her book, “Walking in Love: Why and How?”, she hopes to inspire othe...

  • "Oh Happy Day" Singer, LILLIE KNAULS | Prayer on Purpose

    Episode 22

    "“Lillie Who?” is what folks said in 1975 when the first Gospel recording of Lillie Knauls was released. Since then, she has recorded a number of Gospel songs and wrote hymns, including her original songs. During the early years of her ministry, she was a member of the Edwin Hawkins Singers whe...