Prayer on Purpose

Prayer on Purpose

16 Seasons

A program for Intercessory prayer and ministry for you, and for today's current events!

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Prayer on Purpose
  • Slavic Gospel Association President, Michael Johnson | Prayer on Purpose

    Episode 1

    Michael Johnson is the President of the Slavic Gospel Association. Founded in 1934, the SGA has been working with churches in Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asis. The SGA shares the Gospel, trains church leaders, and helps bring the name of Jesus to those in need. Michael began his career in...

  • Pat Boone | Prayer on Purpose

    Episode 2

    Pat Boone is a legendary American singer, composer, actor, writer and spokesman. He was a #1 pop singer in the US during the 1950s and 60s.

  • I Am My Father's Daughter - Author | Prayer on Purpose

    Episode 3

    Dawn DeFreeze-Carter is a minister and an author. She is also an ordained evangelist and teacher, and the co-founder of a new outreach called ONEMISSION 53. Dawn is currently employed in full-time missions meeting the needs of those near her own community.

  • Incredible Women's Ministry Leader, Kim McQuitty | Prayer on Purpose

    Episode 4

    Kim McQuitty is an author, speaker, and premarital counselor, and has been in women's ministry for over 20 years. Through lessons learned from her own personal marital experiences, counseling to couples, and ministry to women, Kim founded Wife Ready, a pre-marital initiative designed to prepare w...

  • Life That Matters Ministries, Founder and CEO | Prayer on Purpose

    Episode 5

    Sharon Norris Elliott is the Founder and CEO of Life That Matters Ministries. Sharon is an award-winning author, popular speaker, and astute Bible teacher. She is also a TV host and has published multiple books, her latest being 366 glimpses of God: Getting to Know the God Who Knows You.

  • Anti-Trafficking Organization Founder | Prayer on Purpose

    Episode 6

    Jeremy Kraus is the president of Thrive Rescue, an international anti-trafficking organization. He founded Thrive Rescue in 2013 out of a desire to see justice and hopw returned to trafficked victims around the world. The organization has first-rate aftercare homes for child survivors of traffick...

  • From Hillsong - Special Guest Robert Fergusson | Prayer on Purpose

    Episode 7

    Robert Fergusson has been part of the global preaching and teaching team at Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia, for the last 30 years, and brings passionate and profound insight into the Word of God. Robert is the author of Are You Getting This?, a book about teaching, preaching and storytellin...

  • "Don't Quit in the Dip," author Shaun Nepstad | Prayer on Purpose

    Episode 8

    Shaun Nepstad and his wife, Dianna, founded Fellowship Church in Antioch, California, in 2002. Over the years, the church has grown from 350 to over 5,000 in weekly attendance and was named one of the fastes growing churches in the nation in 2008. Shaun has a passion to help people who feel stuck...

  • NFL Veteran, Ed Tandy McGlasson | Prayer on Purpose

    Episode 9

    Ed Tandy McGlasson is the Founder of The Blessing of The Father Ministries. He is a pastor, best-selling author, renowned conference speaker, and a five-year veteran of the National Football League. As a former lineman in the NFL, Ed played with the Giants, the Jets, and the Rams. Ed has a big vi...

  • Incredible Guest - DR. JIM DENISON | Prayer on Purpose

    Episode 10

    Dr. Jim Denison is a co-founder and the Chief Vision Officer of Denison Forum. Prior to launching Denison Forum in 2009, he pastored churches in Texas and Georgia. He is a widely sought speaker, podcaster and subject-matter expert on radio about cultural issues from a biblical perspective. He has...

  • C.O.G.I.C. Minister, Pastor Arthur Mosley | Prayer on Purpose

    Episode 11

    Pastor Arthur Mosley is the Bishop Designate for Cathedral of Faith Church of God in Christ. His goal is to be a vessel in the hands of God. The Lord is using Pastor Mosley to preach and teach His Word through a ministry accompanied by signs and wonders. Being a son of the church, Pastor Mosley i...

  • Word Alive co-host, Dr. Bob Rodgers | Prayer on Purpose

    Episode 12

    Dr. Bob Rodgers is the senior pastor of Evangel World Prayer Center in Louisville, KY, with a membership of over 9,000 believers. He is also president of Word Media Group in Louisville, Kentucky. Dr. Rodgers and his wife, Margaret, co-host a Christian program called Word Alive.

  • Global philanthropist, entrepreneur, speaker, Susan Binau | Prayer on Purpose

    Episode 13

    Susan Binau is a grief expert and published author. Her ministry, Grief Heroes Foundation, is committed to providing grief healing and mental wellness resources to children and teenagers to help them navigate during times of adversity. Sudan is also a global philanthropist, entrepreneur, motivati...

  • Motherhood Without All the Rules, author Maggie Combs | Prayer on Purpose

    Episode 14

    Maggie Combs is the author of multiple books, including her upcoming book Motherhood Without All the Rules: Trading Stressful Standards for Gospel Truths.

  • National Day of Prayer Task Force, President, Kathy Branzell | Prayer on Purpose

    Episode 15

    Kathy Branzell is the president of the National Day of Prayer Task Force. Over the past four years she has traveled across America with the National Day of Prayer on their "Pray for America" bus tours. Kathy grew up in a military family that moved frequently and taught her to embrace a variety of...

  • Mark Gonzales, President and Founder of the HAN | Prayer on Purpose

    Episode 16

    Join us as we prayer on purpose with hosts Tom Nolan, Judge Brown and Cathy Williams.

  • Hope Bridge actress, and Sam Sorbo joins us | Prayer on Purpose

    Episode 17

    Sam Sorbo is the CFO and Producer for Sorbo Family Films. Sam holds many titles including filmmaker, radio host, actress, international model. author, wife, mother, home school advocate and education activist! She is also radio host of nationally syndicated "The Sam Sorbo Show". Her most recent b...

  • "The Order of Rights" Movie - Jim Ball | Prayer on Purpose

    Episode 18

    Jim Ball has been a writer, photographer and musician since his early teen years. He got into filmmaking in 1987. In addition to being a full-time filmmaker, he also owned his own recording studio. In 1992, he was led to the Lord by a Pentecostal Gospel singer, and two years later he sold the stu...