Prayer on Purpose

Prayer on Purpose

Prayer on Purpose
  • Evon Horton | Prayer on Purpose

    Dr. Evon Horton is the Lead Pastor of Brownsville Assembly in Pensacola, Florida. Brownsville Assembly was host to the Largest and longest-running revival in U.S. history where five million people attended. Brownsville seeks to win the lost and make disciples. Dr. Horton has served many ministrie...

  • Kellye Fabian | Prayer on Purpose

    Kellye Fabian serves as a pastor at Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Illinois. Kellye was a lawyer for many years before entering ministry full time with a Master of Arts degree in the New Testament from Northern Seminary. Her experiences equip her to work closely with people st...

  • Rob Kenney | Prayer on Purpose

    Rob Kenney is a father figure to people who grew up without one. His YouTube channel "Dad, How Do I?" addresses a range of practical topics. He thought he would help 30 or 40 people learn some basic skills, but a month and a half later his channel went viral and quickly grew to over on emillion s...

  • Stephen D'Angelo | Prayer on Purpose

    Stephen D'Angelo is an author and Silicon Valley tech-business executive. With over 30 years of experience, Stephen has provided consultation for industry leaders and served global organizations of all sizes. He believes great things are possible for all who blend their faith with the power of th...

  • Sara Claudia | Prayer on Purpose

    Adam Davis is a former police officer and FBI-trained hostage negotiator. Adam knows the challenges facing law enforcement officers and is devoted to providing for them spiritual nourishment and encouragement through personal

  • Adam Davis | Prayer on Purpose

    Adam Davis is a former police officer and FBI-trained hostage negotiator. Adam knows the challenges facing law enforcement officers and is devoted to providing for them spiritual nourishment and encouragement through personal

  • Wendi Foy Green | Prayer on Purpose

    Jeenyus Entertainment Productions

  • Kent Wise | Prayer on Purpose

    Kent Wise is a Pastor and an award-winning Motivational Speaker. Pastor Kent is a former Toastmaster of the Year recipient, one of the highest public speaking recognitions in the world. Kent has overcome a challenging background of poverty, a learning disability, and a speech impediment.

  • Pastor Steven Perry | Prayer on Purpose

    Pastor Steven Perry is an author, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. Pastor Steve is widely known as a church planter, church networker, church recruiter, and administrator.

  • Pastor Scott Distler | Prayer on Purpose

    Scott Distler is the Lead Pastor of E-Free Church with multiple campuses in Michigan and a thriving online church. E-Free Church also has a television and radio ministry seen and heard throughout the state.

  • Michael Jr. | Prayer on Purpose

    Michael Jr. is a gifted, comedic storyteller. Michael brings laughter and encouragement to audiences all over the world. His unique skills have landed him on stages like The Tonight Show on NBC, TEDx talks and Jimmy Kimmel Live. His mission to make laughter commonplace in uncommon places means th...

  • Deborah Pegues | Prayer on Purpose

    Deborah Smith Pegues is a global speaker, Leadership Coach, and bestselling author. Deborah has written 18 transformative books. As an award-winning author, she has sold over two million books worldwide. Deborah's newest book is, Lead Like a Woman: Gain Confidence, Navigate Obstacles, Empower Oth...

  • Author, Cathy Alward | Prayer on Purpose

    Cathy Alward and her husband, Randy, own the Marantha! Music record label. Cathy is also a successful real estate company owner. She leads small groups and mentors young women as a follower of Christ. She loves energizing women's groups and audiences through her motivational speaking.

  • Book: "Annihilate Fear," author, Joan Hunter | Prayer on Purpose

    Joan Hunter is a compassionate minister, dynamic teacher, an accomplished author, and an anointed healing evangelist. Joan ministers the Gospel with manifestations of supernatural signs and wonders in healing school sessions, miracle services, conferences, and churches around the world. She has a...

  • Paul and Ivette Lodato | Prayer on Purpose

    Paul and Ivette Lodato founded Light of the Word Ministries to awaken, empower, and equip the body of Jesus Christ to rightly divide the word of truth and to seek and save the lost. The mission is accomplished by speaking and singing in person and by using all forms of media and publishing to del...

  • Robin Bertram | Prayer on Purpose

    Robin Bertram is an author, ordained minister, speaker, and executive producer. She has been a leader in media for 25 years. Robin has contributed to numerous Christian magazines and television programs. Her story of faith is incredible, where she replaced doctor-prescribed drugs with the Bible w...

  • Author, Gretchen Rodriguez | Prayer on Purpose

    Gretchen Rodriguez is an author and ballet teacher. She served as a missionary in Puerto Rico for nine years and has coauthored several bestselling books. Rodriguez's most recent book is, "The Encounter: 40 Days of Fasting with Jesus."

  • NBA Franchise Founder, Pat Williams | Prayer on Purpose

    Pat Williams is a basketball Hall-of-Famer and co-founder of the Orlando Magic NBA franchise. Pat is one of America's top motivational and inspirational corporate speakers and has addressed many of the Fortune 500 companies. He is the author of over 100 books.

  • Missionary Bush Pilot, Ryan Farran | Prayer on Purpose

    Ryan Farran is a Missionary Bush Pilot for Ethnos 360 Aviation. Ethnos 360 spreads the Gospel through aviation in the remotest regions of Brazil, Asia Pacific, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines. Ryan grew up as a missionary kid in Papua New Guinea. Seeing firsthand the great need for missionar...

  • Pastor Che Ahn | Prayer on Purpose

    Che Ahn has been the Senior Pastor of Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena, California, since 1994. Che serves as the President of Harvest International Ministry, a global apostolic network equipping leaders, multiplying churces, evangelizing, and bringing revival and reformation to more than 65 nations.

  • Pastor Craig Walker | Prayer on Purpose

    Craig Walker is the founding lead pastor of Upward Church, a milti-campus church in Virginia and Florida. Pastor Craig is a former missionary who has planted churches in China, Czechoslovakia, and America. He preaches in 111 nations weekly and is a regular contributor being for GodTV.

  • Michael Sherrard | Prayer on Purpose

    Michael Sherrard is an author, lead pastor at Crosspoint Community Church, and faculty member at Summit Ministries. He also speaks for the Life Training Institute and numerous TV and Radio programs.

  • Pastor Wilfredo "Choco" De Jesus | Prayer on Purpose

    Pastor Wilfredo "Choco" De Jesus is the former senior pastor of one the largest UD Congregations in the Assemblies of God, the New Life Covenant Church in Chicago. Pastor Wilfredo now serves as the General Assemblies of God and is the first Latino to serve on the Executive Leadership Team.

  • Dr. Doug Stringer | Prayer on Purpose

    Dr. Doug Stringer is founder and President of Somebody Cares America and International. Somebody Cares is a global network of organizations working together to bring hope and healing to their communities.