Len & Cathy

Len & Cathy

22 Seasons

In this half-hour program, Len and Cathy Mink focus on faith, success, prosperity, family and the power of the Word to transform any circumstance to victory.

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Len & Cathy
  • "Compassion" | Len & Cathy

    Episode 1

  • "The divine compassion of the son of God" | Len & Cathy

    Episode 2

  • The Compassion of Jesus | Len & Cathy

    Episode 3

    Hosts: Len and Cathy Mink

  • Peace | Len & Cathy

    Episode 4

  • "Healing" | Len & Cathy

    Episode 5

  • Healing | Len & Cathy

    Episode 6

  • "Healing" | Len & Cathy

    Episode 7

    Many people are saved but sick. We have to know what our heavenly contract is from God. Matthew 4, Proverbs 4: 21-30. You can discipline your own mouth. Product offer Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God Cathy reads scriptures from Healing and Confessions Cards John is the dividi...

  • Healing | Len & Cathy

    Episode 8

  • Healing | Len & Cathy

    Episode 9

  • "Shunammite Woman" | Len & Cathy

    Episode 10

    Miracles connected with a widow and a barren woman. The Shunammite womans son is raised from the dead. Shunammite obtained the blessing of a son in her old age. He raised the child from the dead.

  • "Increase" | Len & Cathy

    Episode 11

    Naaman comes to Elisha. The testimony from the servant girl. Naaman comes to the king of Israel looking for healing. Naaman is healed. Naaman’s new faith.

  • "Cast all Your Cares" | Len & Cathy

    Episode 12

    Cast all your care on the lord. He alone gives this invitation men come to him when feeling their guilt and misery and believing his love and power to help they seek him in fervent prayer.

  • "Prayer" | Len & Cathy

    Episode 13

    We see here a person looking forward to something happening and it seems to be longer and longer in coming. This will cause you to be heart sick because you feel it will never happen. We pray and pray and nothing happens. It seems our prayers have been futile. When the person does come to the Lor...

  • "Elders" | Len & Cathy

    Episode 14

    What leaders in the church must do. Elders should be faithful shepherds. What leaders in the church must do.

  • "The Word" | Len & Cathy

    Episode 15

    Casting your care on the word. Do the word yourself you own and walk in faith. How to cast the whole of you care and anxiety off of you.

  • "Expectation" | Len & Cathy

    Episode 16

    Expectation is a form of faith it can be good or not so good. Faith is acting on Gods word then act on the word and plant a seed. Jesus always bring me a harvest.

  • "Multiply your life" | Len & Cathy

    Episode 17

    My faith will release the moment my mind focus on a specific target. God will never ask me for something I dont possess. God will always ask me for something I want to keep.

  • "God has increase on his mind" | Len & Cathy

    Episode 18

    An invitation to receive blessing. The glorious ways of the lord. A reminder of the difference and distance between God and man.

  • "God has increase on his mind" | Len & Cathy

    Episode 19

    Promises of prosperity peace and protection. All that are taught of God are taught to love one another.