Len & Cathy

Len & Cathy

11 Seasons

In this half-hour program, Len and Cathy Mink focus on faith, success, prosperity, family and the power of the Word to transform any circumstance to victory.

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Len & Cathy
  • 06/23/21 | Len & Cathy

    Expectation is a form of faith it can be good or not so good. Faith is acting on Gods word then act on the word and plant a seed. Jesus always bring me a harvest.

  • 06/22/21 | Len & Cathy

    My faith will release the moment my mind focus on a specific target. God will never ask me for something I dont possess. God will always ask me for something I want to keep.

  • 06/21/21 | Len & Cathy

    An invitation to receive blessing. The glorious ways of the lord. A reminder of the difference and distance between God and man.

  • 06/18/21 | Len & Cathy

    Episode 18

    Promises of prosperity peace and protection. All that are taught of God are taught to love one another.

  • 06/17/21 | Len & Cathy

    Episode 17

    Hosts: Len and Cathy Mink

  • How to have success | Len & Cathy

    The false gods are carried away on carriages. The lord the true God will carry his people. The lord can save His people when the idols are helpless.Remember that the LORD knows the beginning and the end.

  • 06/15/21 | Len & Cathy

    Episode 15

    Elijah prays for drought and experiences God provision. God provides for Elijah through a widow. The widow obedience and God’s great blessing. This polite address showed that she respected God yet recognized that the God of Israel was Elijah God and not her own.

  • 06/14/21 | Len & Cathy

    Episode 14

    God will increase on his mind for you.

  • 06/11/21 | Len & Cathy

    Episode 11

    Blessed are those whose ways are blameless, who live according to God law, who keep His statutes and seek Him with all their heart. This is a reflection of God nature, and from it we learn that we can trust his character and his plan and purposes for mankind even when those plans include afflicti...

  • 06/10/21 | Len & Cathy

    Episode 10

    God is the key to increase in your life.

  • 06/9/21 | Len & Cathy

    Episode 9

    You don’t have to suffer from grief and sorrow

  • 06/8/21 | Len & Cathy

    Episode 8

    You don’t have to suffer from grief and sorrow

  • 06/7/21 | Len & Cathy

    Episode 7

    You don’t have to suffer from grief and sorrow

  • 06/4/21 | Len & Cathy

    Episode 4

    You don’t have to suffer from grief and sorrow

  • 06/3/21 | Len & Cathy

    Episode 3

    You don’t have to suffer from grief and sorrow

  • 06/2/21 | Len & Cathy

    Episode 2

  • 06/1/21 | Len & Cathy

    Episode 1