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  • Dr. Garth Coonce - Celebration of Life Memorial Service

    Dr. Coonce lived a long, fruitful life of vision, purpose, and impact. What God created through him almost 50 years ago is destined to keep growing, keep thriving, and keep sharing the amazing love of God. We here at the TCT Network remain intent on doing just that. His incredible legacy will con...

  • TCT honors the life of Founder and President, Dr. Garth W. Coonce

    Dr. Garth W. Coonce Tribute (11.17.1937 - 1.16.2023)

  • Ask the Pastor

    33 seasons

    Ask the Pastor is one of our most popular programs where viewers can phone, write, or email in questions about the bible or the christian way. These questions get answered live on air by a panel of pastors from local churches.

  • Len & Cathy
    35 seasons

    Len & Cathy

    35 seasons

    In this half-hour program, Len and Cathy Mink focus on faith, success, prosperity, family and the power of the Word to transform any circumstance to victory.

  • Faith in History

    35 seasons

    William is a nationally known speaker, best selling author, and president of a publishing company dedicated to researching America's Christian heritage. During this half-hour program learn answers to various questions about Faith as it pertains to American history.

  • 3D Woman
    21 seasons

    3D Woman

    21 seasons

    The 3-D Woman is a woman of Determination, Distinction, and Destiny. A wife, a mother, and a single gather for transparent conversation that offers biblical solutions to life’s hurdles.

  • Sessions

    2 items

    Enjoy a variety of nationally-known Gospel music artists during this powerful and inspiring program hosted by TCT's Melanie Walker of Come On In.

  • Everyday Manna

    21 seasons

    Join Lisa Smith as she prepares a variety of food and family recipes that provide new meal ideas, easy prep, and so much more!

  • Come On In

    31 items

    Gospel music artist and life coach Melanie Walker shares anointed Gospel music and ministry to help you discover how to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

  • Down Home
    159 items

    Down Home

    159 items

  • Dorinda
    102 items


    102 items

    Join Dorinda Clark-Cole for music and special guests.

  • TCT Today
    37 seasons

    TCT Today

    37 seasons

    As one of the first ever TCT produced programs, it is designed to be the main communication source between the ministry of TCT and its Partners. In addition, TCT Today has become an innovative interview/talk format program featuring a diverse line-up of special guests.

  • Julie and Friends

    36 seasons

    Julie and friends discuss challenging women's issues in depth, by interviewing guests in this inspiring and fun-filled variety program.

  • Living in the Light

    49 items

    Join beloved pastor and theologian Rev. Bob Hils as he delves into the rich Gospel truths found in the book of Hebrews.