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  • TCT HD Live Stream

  • Celebrating the Life of Tina Coonce

    1 season

  • TCT June Love Gift

  • Kingdom Connection

    1 season

    While many know Jentezen Franklin as a New York Times best-selling author, his imprint on the world doesn't stop with the pages of books. It continues through the power of spoken word and broadcast. "Kingdom Connection" is more than a TV show; it's a mission to share the profound truths of God's...

  • A Fishing Story

    1 season

  • The Gospel Truth w/ Andrew Wommack

    2 seasons

  • Pastor Robert Morris

    8 seasons

  • Joyce Meyer Ministry

    2 seasons

  • Ask the Pastor

    39 seasons

    Ask the Pastor is one of our most popular programs where viewers can phone, write, or email in questions about the bible or the christian way. These questions get answered live on air by a panel of pastors from local churches.

  • 1PL8 with Chef Rich

    37 items

    Chef Rich, a former United States Marine, brings you a fun and educational cooking show, he inspires and educates viewers to resource and to use food as their greatest medicine.

  • Faith in History

    36 seasons

    William is a nationally known speaker, best selling author, and president of a publishing company dedicated to researching America's Christian heritage. During this half-hour program learn answers to various questions about Faith as it pertains to American history.